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For a lot of surfers, the best spot to surf would be the one where wind, swell, direction, tides, and seafloor meet. Wind creates the quality of the surfing waves, while its force and interaction with the direction of the swell, the tide in a certain hour, and type and status of the ocean floor create a certain wave condition. Popular surfers have traveled the world looking for the best waves, so here is a rundown on what they found to be the 10 best surfing spots in the world. 

Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

This is the surfing capital of Canada that offers fun, picturesque breaks on the west coast of the island. Surrounded by a looming rainforest, it is suitable for all abilities if you are not too particular with the chilly weather. Do bring thick wet suits though, just in case. 

White Beach, Okinawa, Japan

With the only sandbars in the region, this is the perfect and most suitable fun spot for everyone who wants to practice or train how to surf. This is the reason why it is usually packed during the weekends. After practicing, head off and move on to epic nearby reef breaks such as the Aha-Yoko or Suicide Cliffs.

Riyuewan, Sanya, Hainan, China

China is not exactly known for its beaches nor surfing, but a gigantic island on its southern tip offers untouched tropical beaches with consistent un-crowded waves. For beginners, locals from Hainan can guide you to the best spot such as the Riyuewan Bay or other lesser-known locations. You can also recharge your body after surfing by eating fresh fish from the day’s catch cooked in spicy Hainan-style at the local cafe. 

Sultans, North Male, Maldives

Across the Maldives’ painfully beautiful 1,190 coral islands is a consistent reef wave that is absolutely pumping in the spring. However, you need to go with a live-abroad outfit to experience the waves as the rocks can be very hazardous. One of the most famous waves in the Maldives is the Pasta Point, a break that offers both left-hand rides and 100 meters of pure tube riding out to sea. 

Black Beach, San Diego, California

Black Beach is for the seasoned professional as it has the most powerful breaks that come with strong currents, and are not advisable for beginners. Considered the best surfing spot on the mainland of the United States, it can host a number of expert surfers in every direction. In addition, the winds do not affect the waves, so you can still have fun until late in the day giving you plenty of time to experience the best waves in the Western Hemisphere, but do avoid weekends as it can get too crowded.

Les Cavaliers, Anglet, France

This killer wave was named ‘Les Cavaliers’ for a reason. Les Cavaliers is bordered by two rocky girders, so you can use the channel at the right-hand side and paddle into the killer wave. This works perfectly during offshore winds with west swells. 

Watergate Bay, Cornwall, England

While Watergate Bay is less popular than Fistral Bay, surfers are drawn to its English charm because it is less crowded and has waves that can range from 30 centimeters to three meters. After surfing, you can relax at a bistro on the beach and dine on delicious steaks and locally-sourced fish. 

Cloud Nine, Siargao Island, Philippines

For daredevils who want to experience dramatic and powerful reef break that crashes onto shallow razor-sharp coral with left and right rides, Cloud Nine will let you experience a slice of paradise. These magic mushroom-like hallucinations are powerful waves that are wrapped with a Cornish pastry-shaped cocoon of water. However, do not ever slip if you do not want your skin and bones to be ripped to pieces by the ocean bed, definitely for pros only.

The Bubble, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Fuerteventura is the Mecca for surfers off the coast of Africa. With temperate climates between 18 to 24 °C, surfers from all over the world will be happy with its weather conditions. However, you will need to fend off some unfriendly and aggressive locals who will not voluntarily give you a turn on their waves, so go for a paddling race to get a shot at riding the expert right-hand tube The Bubble.

Superbank, Gold Coast, Australia

Considered to be ‘surfer’s paradise,’ Gold Coast has been known for its 70 km of beaches and four epic point breaks including the Superbank, which is considered one of the world’s finest breaks. This will give you the ride of your life as it produces tubes and solid walls. Gold Coast has been known for luring and welcoming surfers for decades not only for the quality of its waves, but also for the large expansive area that can accommodate all the surfers that flock there making it one of the top must-travel surfing locations.

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