10 Theories On How The Universe Will End

10 ways the world could end
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Super Volcano

About 74,000 years ago, Mount Toba exploded that spread 2,500 cubic kilometers of ash that was more than enough to cover the skies and make the planet experience Ice Age for 1,000 years, killing life and destroying everything. Despite the news that over 40 super volcanoes are now dead, there is one in Yellowstone Park that is posed as high threat. 

Tidal Waves

There have been reports that due to global warming and climate change, which had resulted from the thinning Ozone layer, ice caps from both North and South Poles are melting each day. This would add up to the increase of water mass in many nations. In fact, there have been observations from geodetic scientists that some cities in the world are slowly sinking. There would also be a massive earthquake that would unleash a huge tidal wave, based from the increased water mass, drowning cities, nations, and countries. 


One part of the theory has something to do with a huge star to collide with Earth. Some say it’s an asteroid, while others claim it would be Planet X, or otherwise known as Nibiru. When this planet collides with Earth, then it would be the end of everything. 

Death of the Sun

Aside from the Earth meeting its doom, the Sun will also reach its end where it will no longer produce heat that would sustain balance in the planet. This is where temperatures will decrease to subzero, not only in cold countries, but also affecting tropical ones. Plant and animal life will perish, and humans will follow too. 

Asteroid Impact

This is the most famous theory that involves the presence of another asteroid hitting the Earth and ending the lives of everything that dwells within it. In fact, there have been movies such as 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, and Armageddon portraying the scenarios of a possible collision of a huge asteroid that will hit the planet.


Alien Attack

Ever since the Roswell incident during World War 2, the world has been in watch of the skies, waiting for the coming of extraterrestrial life from other planets. They may come in peace or they goal for the demise of human life. There have been movies showing how powerful these aliens are, and they do not need Visas to show who’s boss. 

Betelgeuse Supernova

Betelgeuse is known to be one of the biggest stars in the universe, even having more than 300 million kilometers in diameter. When it is compared to the sun, it’s just a speck of a dust or a grain of sand. Imagine how this star would end up as a supernova, dying and exploding in space. It is currently 640 light years away, but its explosion can create such impact that it can definitely affect everything in its path, including the solar system. Scattered matter, asteroids, and other heavenly bodies are projected to collide to Earth when this happens. 

Interplanetary Alignment

In the winter solstice of 2012, all the planets are set to be aligned with each other, forming a straight line from the Sun down towards Neptune or Pluto. As the sequences of these planets are placed beside each other, gravitational pull will be on the rise, attracting a huge black hole from the center of the galaxy. It consumes all life that comes near it, including the Earth, being sucked into a vacuum of interstellar proportions. 

Solar Flare

The sun experiences some kind of hiccups known as solar flares. These are outbursts of flames that could jam communications, disturb power supplies, and even destroy planktons due to excessive UV radiation. However, if super flares have occurred, even if it is not directly hitting the planet, it could be enough to toast everything in a couple of seconds. 

Biblical Fulfillment of the Prophecy

Before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the words of St. John the Divine will be fulfilled, as written in Revelations Chapter 8, after the opening of the seventh seal. Hail and fire will mingle (asteroids) and is cast down to the earth. Volcanic eruptions will occur, the sea will turn to blood, and a great star will fall down, destroying 1/3 of the planet’s waters. Third parts of the sun, the moon, and the stars will be darkened. Another star will fall down, a person who owns the key to the bottomless pit. Earthquakes and other calamities will happen. Before the Lord comes down, three days of total darkness shall come to pass. 

26 Jan, 2022
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