10 Tips for the Perfect Brows

How to Get Perfect Brows
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Make sure the shape and thickness of your eyebrows are in line with the latest fashion trends. Don't choose permanent hair-removal methods.

Eyebrow types

Face shape

Depending on your taste and your face shape,  you can do some research and choose your style.

Eyebrows according to your face

First time shaping your eyebrows

If it's your first time shaping your eyebrows, put on some lotion so plucking isn't as painful.


When possible, you should most definitely use a magnifying mirror. This way you'll be able to shape your eyebrows more easily and perfectly.

A magnifying mirror will be very helpful.

Defining the shape

1. Place a pencil vertically one of the sides of your nose and see where it meets your eyebrow; this is the place where your eyebrows should begin.

2. Then, lean the pencil and place it on your pupil; this is where the highest point of your eyebrow should be.

3. Lastly, lean the pencil to the corner of your eye to see where your eyebrow should end. 


Trace the shape of your eyebrow with a light concealer and use the line as a guide.

Pluck the hairs beyond the line.

Don't remove too much hair

Avoid removing too much hair; stretch your skin and hold the hair as close to the root as possible, then pull in the direction of the growth. 

The upper part of your eyebrow

Be very careful when cutting or removing this part because if you remove too much hair your eyes' look may dramatically change. 

Rebel Eyebrow

Sometimes you just need to brush your eyebrows to shape them. Use an eyebrow brush and brush upwards. Trim the hairs that are too long, always bearing in mind point 7 of this cube.


If you define your eyebrows or fill any bald patches with some makeup, use a colour similar to your natural hair. If you use powder makeup, start from the inner end to the outer end.

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