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ESA Owners are Accommodated Under Federal ESA laws
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Different federal laws are applicable to emotional support animals and their owners. It is very important to know about ESA laws that apply to owners before obtaining the ESA letter. Emotional support animals are referred to as support animals and specifically not trained to perform different tasks. ESA is used commonly in animal-assisted therapy sessions for people with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities. The main purpose of emotional support animals is to benefit their owners by providing love, comfort, and companionship. ESA helps to reduce the symptoms in people suffering from an emotional disability such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress problems, social phobia, autism, mood swings, separation anxiety, and personality disorder. It is absolutely necessary to learn about ESA registration that provides privileges to the owner.  

To get protection under ESA Federal laws, you must first qualify for emotional support animal letter from a registered mental health care professional.

American Disability Act

Under the American Disability Act (ADA) people suffering from any kind of emotional distress qualify for an emotional support animal. Under the ADA Act, emotional support animals are not considered service animals. The main purpose of an ESA is to provide help and comfort with depression, anxiety, and different phobias. The federal laws that protect ESA include the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act.   If you have a dog try to put a martingale collar in his neck for safety.

Housing Protection for ESAs

A big challenge for owners of ESA is to find housing that accommodates pets. Under the Fair Housing Act for ESA, the rights of mentally disturbed people against unfair regulation of housing are protected. Under this law, landlords cannot deny housing to people having an ESA letter. If you are willing to have an ESA first try to know how to get an emotional support animal from different online sites. A landlord is not allowed to discriminate between individuals with emotional disabilities and others on the basis of their ESA. However, in case of damage to property, the owner of an ESA will be responsible. Under this law, the landlord cannot impose any restrictions on the breed/ size and type of animal. If you own an emotional support animal then remember under federal law, landlords cannot 

  •         Deny housing
  •         Restrict size
  •         Exclude breed
  •         Charge fees
  •         Discriminate in any way against people
  •         Require deposit


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Flying Protection for Emotional support animal

For people with an emotional disability, the hardest part of the fight is being surrounded by people they are not familiar with. They are not able to communicate with flight attendants and other passengers which can magnify their anxiety. The ACCA act allows these people to bring their ESA with them which helps them to feel comfortable and relaxed. 

The Air Carrier Access Act is effective since 1986. This law prohibits discrimination against individuals with mental/ emotional disabilities. Under this law people with emotional disabilities are allowed to travel with their emotional support animals. The airlines are also required to allow ESA to fly in a cabin of the plane with their owner instead of the dangerous cargo hold of airplanes. This act is passed specifically to minimize the problems that people with emotional disabilities face during traveling. 

If you want to travel with your ESA then you must have correct documents that state your need for an emotional support animal. If you are suffering from a mental disability then getting on an airplane can be stressful. Having an ESA allows you to stay calm and also reduce the chances of a panic attack. 

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If you become emotionally disturbed, your world changes not only for you mentally but in many aspects of your day to day living. Having an ESA can create a great difference in your life by providing comfort. Luckily, government agencies recognize that people coping with mental distress may need a helping hand. For this reason, the Air Carrier Access Act allows people with emotional disabilities to fly with their ESA free of charge and in cabin 


04 Jun, 2021
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