5 Tips for Wearing High Heels

I bet you never heard of these amazing tips before. They help you wear high heels in a more comfortable way and avoid tiredness and pain.
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Many girls avoid using high heels because they weary their feet; nevertheless, there are many others that wear them and suffer their effects all day long.

In this cube, you'll find some solutions that reduce pain and allow you to look gorgeous wearing your favourite high heels.

As time goes by, footwear may shrink; other times you buy a new pair of shoes that need to be stretched out.

Get some damp newspaper and put it inside your shoes for them to adapt to your needs. 

Let the newspaper dry, then remove it and try your shoes on.

You can also put a sealed bag filled with water inside your shoe and leave it in the freezer for an overnight.

Sand down the sole of your shoes to avoid slipping, use sandpaper to carve the soles.

Gel insoles will be also helpful. If the tips above don't work (which I highly doubt) or you don't have time to do them, gel insoles will do the trick.

We have a nerve located between our third and fourth toes that causes pain on the sole of the foot, even when we wear low-heeled shoes.

This tip will reduce the pressure on this nerve. Tape your third and fourth toes together to ease the tension. Don't tighten the tape too much or you'll cut off blood circulation to your toes.

Sometimes new high-heeled shoes create blisters on your ankles or the sides of your feet. To prevent the pain caused by the friction of new shoes, apply stick deodorant to these areas.

25 Apr, 2022