6 Great Things About Spring And Dating

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Spring is my favorite time of year. The budding foliage. The animals coming out of hibernation to maul unsuspecting habitat murderers. It's the time of year when everything comes to life. It's also a great time for dating and love. It's spring. The past participle? Sprung. Do you see what I did there? Spring has me sprung? No?

Grammar game aside, there are a million things to love about spring and what spring brings to the table for young and/or old love. Since listing a million is SO not in my contract, let me share what I found on Loveawake dating site. Here are some 10 things that were highlighted by Loveawake people love about spring and why its perfect for dating.

  1. Sundresses

Man oh man do I love me a sundress. I think there's another word for them. Something like a...who cares, I'm a man, I don't know what the term is. The flowy way they lay across a woman's body and sway with the wind just does something to my soul. I think it makes my soul sing, sort of like crackheads at Subways shops. They can't sing well, but that passion? It's real. Point is, who can't appreciate a sundress? Women look twelve times sexxier in sundresses than they do in the Laura Ingalls special complete with a bonnet.

  1. Outdoor activities

What makes love so great is that its inexpensive. Love is free. Outdoors is free. Being able to take a nice romantic walk in seventy degree weather is ideal for falling in love and dreaming about all of the promises you will break ten years from now. Le sigh. Love.

  1. The zoo

Ask Aslan, going to the zoo in December sucks. In fact, it sucks so much, it's not open. But zoos always open in the spring and if you can't fall in love looking at wombats and panda bears, well then you have no soul. Free Willy.

  1. Warmth and sunkissed skin

Nothing gets the motor running like seeing skin. Springtime is when the skin starts slowly but surely making its way out of coats and those gawdawful Ugg boots. If you weren't sure if she had calves or cankles before, you will soon find out. For it's spring. Ladies wearing little to nothing. Men wearing legal length shorts and graphic tees with cleverly ambiguous sexual messages. Really, everybody wins here.

  1. BBQs

I'm Black. I know. Shocker. One thing Black folks love to do when even a HINT of warmth comes out is BBQ. Why? I blame it on slavery. Truth is nobody really knows but finally we can crank up the propane and put some shrimps on the barbie. And no, that's not a euphemism for sex! G'yah!

By the way, BBQs have nothing to do with love, except I LOVE BBQS. Hold me. And love me tender.

  1. Picnics

Just like BBQs except with tremendously less Black people. But more romantic because its just you and your girl, or your and your man, a blanket, some sandwiches and a basket. What's better than that? Nothing. That's what. Get thee to a picnic.

Those are six things to prepare you for the love in the spring. What else do you have?

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16 Nov, 2018
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