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A guide to Venice restaurants

A small guide of the most famous restaurants in Venice.
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Venice, the Italian city famous for its canals and gondolas, attracts countless tourists and, not surprisingly, there are very many restaurants and cafés to cater for their needs. There are restaurants that serve traditional Italian dishes, as well as those that offer a more international menu. Visitors to the city would find a guide to Venice restaurants very handy to help them decide on the best restaurants to wine and dine at.

Caffe Florian

More of a café or coffee house than a restaurant, Caffe Florian  was originally opened back in 1720 and was named after its owner Floriano Francesconi.  Caffe Florian was used by many famous people, includingGoethe and Charles Dickens. Located in Piazza San Marco (“St Mark’s Square”) in Venice, the Caffe Florian gets some excellent reviews and is well worth a visit.  

Venice pizzerias

The pizza is a very typical Italian dish that has spread its popularity worldwide, but if you are visiting Italy then you have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic pizza cooked the Italian way. In Venice, Campo Santa Margherita and the Antico Forno are two highly recommended places for enjoying pizzas.

Eating where the locals eat

Because Venice caters for so many tourists the standards for service are not always high. Tourist-trap restaurants care about making money and not about their customers. To make sure you do get top quality service for the price you pay, one very good way of doing so is to go where the local people go, and eat where the Venetian locals eat.

When it comes to accommodation in Venice, visitors to the city have plenty of hotels to choose from.

Seafood restaurants in Venice

Fish and seafood are very popular and traditionally eaten in Venice. It is easy to find a restaurant with tuna, mussels, clams, octopus, lobster and shrimps on the menu. 

One such restaurant that comes recommended for its fish and seafood dishes is the Osteria Ai Do Archi.

Eating pasta in Venice

Besides pizza, Italians love to eat pasta, so many restaurants in Venice have pasta dishes on the menu. Seafood is often served with some of the best pasta dishes made with handmade pasta. Many restaurants offer all kind of pasta.

Wine drinking in Venice

Italy is a wine-producing country and wines are often drunk with the meals served there, as well as simply for pleasure. No visit to the restaurants and eating places of Venice would be complete without sampling some of the best local wines.

Venice wine tasting and winery tours are available and these tours make a great way of exploring Venice with the help of a guide, and enjoying the best wines as you get shown around the city.

Venice is a wonderful place for wining and dining in Italy. “Buon appetito!”

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