Who we are

We are a few dreamers and hard-workers who want to change the way communication works in the internet. We are convinced that it could be much easier to share our interests and contents on-line. That's how beQbe was born.

Our dreams

We dream of an internet where everything can be shared in a simple way, opening a new door to creativity. Redefining the communication between peers and the way they interact with brands. Always keeping the highest level of privacy and confidentiality of the users, in a fairer and more useful internet for all.

Our vision

When we undertook this adventure, we thought that beQbe had to allow a new way of communicating through content, in order to share in a better way.

Throughout the project we have realized that making the exchange of information easier and simpler will help create a more useful internet that will be fairer for the users and business.

That's why, in beQbe, an user can group any contents of his interest in a very simple way (texts, videos, images, songs, rss...) and create a capsule that we call “Qube” that finally represents something that the user likes, wants to save or buy and that interests him.

This way the user will be updated on the evolution of the Qube (changes, activities...) and in the same way the user can receive through that saved content any notification about the interests, if the user so wishes.

Welcome to beQbe!

20 Apr, 2015
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