Analytical Essay Example & Writing Tips

Analytical essay example can be better than multi-volume guidelines. Here you will find a brilliant example of analytical essay that is truly helpful.
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Analytical Essay Example Is Found! Check It Out to Succeed

If you feel like most tips on analytical writing are confusing, you might want to see this truly good analytical essay example. It is better to see a single good example, than to look 100 times through all those multi-volume guidelines. So, hold your breath and check out this life-saving sample analytical essay a few lines below.

Analytical essay example: introduction

Facebook is an extremely popular social networking site that became an integral component of popular culture and an important part of the daily routine of more than 845 million active users. Founded in 2004 in a dormitory room at Harvard University, the site made its main creator, Mark Zuckerberg, one of the youngest billionaires in the world. (Comment: these two opening sentences introduce readers into the subject matter and grab their interest with striking facts and statistics.)

Analytical essay example: a thesis statement

Key to Facebook’s success is the proper balance between tradition, experimentation and creativity as the main elements of its organizational culture. (Comment: the thesis statement defines the author’s stance, briefly outlines the main arguments and offers the roadmap for the paper. Note that it should be placed at the end of the introductory paragraph.)

Analytical essay example: main body

Traditional colors and design, as well as free registration and accustomed options are Facebook’s distinctive features, contributing to its popularity. Users might have difficulties navigating the site, but these traditional elements help them in finding their way quickly. The free registration offered and the age limit imposed (13 years) contribute to Facebook’s positive branding. Notably, traditions are regarded as sacred by Facebook engineers and are not broken, unless this is absolutely necessary.
Tradition goes hand in hand with innovation and experimentation at Facebook. Actually, Zuckerberg himself is a successful innovator, who was thinking outside the box, when he developed the code of this top-ranked site. However, the balance between innovation and conservatism is among the main Facebook’s principles. This organizational decision allows the engineering team to view problems from different perspectives and successfully face the challenges.
“Done is better than perfect” was a poster at Harvard campus and it is a motto preserved at this company, fostering the team’s creativity. It increases the speed of operations and enhances creativity. Creative thinking at all levels is an important factor contributing to Faceboook’s success. When Google launched the so-called “Facebook’s killer”, Google+, in 2011, Facebook engineers quickly improved a few of their options and preserved their competitive advantage (Comment: Pay attention to the topic and concluding sentences in each of the paragraphs.)

Analytical essay example: conclusion

The combination of tradition, innovation and creativity in Facebook’s corporate culture contribute to its competitive advantage over other social networking sites. (Comment: The concluding sentence summarizes the main arguments of the whole paper and echoes the thesis statement.)

Analytical essay example evaluation

Here are the main assessment criteria to critique this example and to take into consideration when writing an analytical essay:

  1. FOCUS. Choose a narrow topic and express the central idea in a thesis statement. Make certain that every sentence of your paper is related to the topic. Avoid using any information that is not directly related to your topic.
  2. STRUCTURE. The skeleton of good analytical essay examples consists of an introductory paragraph (containing a thesis statement), three or more body paragraphs (each related to the topic and having concluding sentences) and a conclusion.
  3. LOGIC. Use your common sense to see if the arguments are strong enough to convince your readers. Don’t change your opinion in the middle of the paper.

As you see, examples of analytical essays can be truly helpful for understanding the main principles of analytical writing. By using this sample analytical essay, you will learn how to write an analytical essay by analogy and get excellent grades for your papers.

25 Feb, 2021
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