Daftar Asuransi Kesehatan Terbaik

Dapatkan Asuransi Kesehatan Terbaik di Indonesia, Premi Murah dan Daftar dan Klaim Cepat! dari berbagai perusahaan asuransi terbaik di Indonesia.
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Asuransi Kesehatan Terbaik

The Best Education Insurance is a comprehensive solution that aims to help parents realize their children's dream of education by providing family life and financial protection specifically designed to help protect your child's Education Fund. By preparing it from an early age, it means that parents have planned for the future of your son / daughter for the better, someday your child's future is in the hands of the parents.

As we know that the increase in education costs is quite high as if forcing us to prepare by means of investment instruments, one of which is by having education insurance, many insurance companies offer educational insurance products asuransi kesehatan terbaik, from low premiums to various insurance benefit options. In this case, we as parents need to understand and study the concept  of education insurance  offered.

With insurance agent marketing channels, we get a lot of educational insurance product offers, before we determine the right education insurance for our sons / daughters, we should first understand the concept of educational insurance. Basically, the concept of education insurance is divided into two elements, namely the  Protection Element  to protect the planning of a risk that we do not want and the  Investment Element  to boost our children's education funds through the investment instrument channel so that education funds are not eroded by inflation because the investment path provides more optimal results if carried out consistently and continuously.

Here we describe several sources about the benefits of educational insurance that you can learn and consider before deciding which education insurance program you will choose, in education insurance usually has an element of protection among them as follows:


  • Providing the sum insured if the child's parent experiences a risk such as critical illness, total permanent disability or death, the sum insured will be used for the concentration of education costs when entering college until graduating from college, so even if the child's parents are already no future of the child is still guaranteed. In this calculation, using the  Time Value of Money,  usually a credible insurance agent can calculate and plan an insurance concept like this.
  • Providing free premium benefits if the child's parents experience a risk such as critical illness, total permanent disability or death, the premium will be released and continued by the insurance company until the child enters tertiary education.
  • Providing monthly tuition compensation for children that can be used for school fees such as the cost of daily allowances, school book fees, or other monthly school fees needed by the child in the future.



  • Education fund compensation at the age of 6 years of primary school is 30 million, and if it is not taken then
  • Compensation for education funds when the child is 12 years old, junior high school is 90 million, and if it is not taken then
  • Compensation for education funds at the age of 15 years of high school 120 million, and if not taken then
  • Education funds compensation at the age of 18 years of university 180 M


The results of investment in education funds above are simulated calculations with an annual return of 15% per year, basically the investment returns are not guaranteed because the nature of the fluctuating investment can increase or be below the estimate.

For the education insurance concept above the ideal premium is Rp. 750 thousand to Rp. 1 M per month, however the premium can be adjusted to the budget of the parents in determining the planning of children's college education abroad or at home, so that the appropriate amount of premium does not interfere with routine monthly financial expenses so that the child's future education plans can run as it should.

And it is better if from an early age to enroll children in this insurance program, the ideal concept of education insurance is for children under 3 years of age and parents at least 20 years old. Thus , we present the description of this education insurance , hopefully it can help parents in planning their children's future to be better and be able to educate the next generation of the nation's children.

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