This list includes beauty tips every woman should try
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Trace the shape of your eyebrow with a wihite pencil, then pluck the hairs and blend the product to see the outcome.

Do you love cat eyes but can never make them look good on you? Use some tape to make it perfect.

This has probably happened to all of us. You have almost finished doing you makeup and your mascara spoils everything, DON'T WORRY! Let the product dry and remove it with a makeup brush.

You curl your lashes but the effect doesn't last long? Heat up the lash curler with a lighter or a hairdryer.

Do you want your glossy lipstick to be matte? Get a tissue, put it on your lips and apply translucent powder on the tissue with a brush.

Have you just broken your compact powder or eyeshadow? DON'T THROW IT AWAY! Add some alcohol to the eyeshadow, mix it well and cover it with some paper until the alcohol evaporates.

You want to wear red lipstick but don’t have any? Do it yourself with some lip balm and red eyeshadow. You can do the same with different colours.

Put some white powder on your eyelashes before the mascara to get more volume.

Do you have circles under your eyes? Use orange or red blush or lipstick before your usual concealer.

If it's summer and you want to put on some makeup and still feel light, mix your favourite foundation with your moisturiser.

If you want your hairpins to stay in longer, put some hairspray on them.

Your favourite mascara is not the same anymore? Put 4 or 5 eyedrops in the container and shake it.

Baby oil is the best makeup remover.

Use an eyeshadow that is your same hair colour and apply it to the areas where you have less hair.

After applying lipstick, clean the edges of your lips with concealer. This will make your lips look stunning.

Have you ruined your nails right after painting them? Use baby oil to make them dry faster.

¿Have you just shaved and have those terrible spots on your legs? Make a body scrub with coffee, olive oil, sugar and honey and apply it before shaving.

If you want your eyeliner to last longer and not to get you face dirty, put some eyeshadow of the same colour on top.

If you apply your perfume behind your ears and knees, and on your neck, wrists and cleavage it will last all day long.

You don’t have a primer? Use face or body lotion.

Did you leave your wet wipes open and they dried out? You just need to add some water.

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