Beaded button down shirt - Honestly...WTF blog

You’ll need: - a button down shirt - a mix of metal, plastic or glass beads - a needle fine enough to fit through the beads - thread

Beaded button down shirt - Honestly...WTF blog

  1. Keep the shirt buttoned. Thread the needle with about a yard of thread and tie the ends into a double knot. Push the needle through the backside of the middle of the placket.
  2. Slide a bead onto the needle and bring the needle back through the fabric on the other side of the bead. Continue sewing beads onto the fabric using this running stitch.
  3. After adding 5-6 beads, secure the stitch by tying off the thread with a double knot. This helps reinforce the stitch, especially with the weight of the beads. If the thread is long enough, continue to stitch on another group of beads. If the thread runs out, go ahead and cut the thread and start again with the first step.
  4. Continue adding beads in small groups along the placket. Stop 3/4 of the way down.

Fendi Frill - Honestly...WTF blog

You need: - 2 pieces of wool felt - 2 pin backs - a few buttons - a few pins - a hot glue gun - a sewing machine - a pair of fabric shears - an iron - our frill pattern

  1. Carefully cut out the volute-shaped pattern, stack, and pin onto the two pieces of stacked felt. Using the pattern as a guide, cut out the felt. While keeping the two pieces of felt stacked, pull the two pointed ends taut. A ruffle will be created on one side and a straight line on the other.
  2. Sew the felt together along the straight side down to the end. Trim any extra threads. Open the frill. Spread the seam apart on the backside and press it open using the tip of a hot iron.
  3. Run a zig zag stitch down the center of the front side of the frill. This will keep the back seam open and flat, giving the frill structure and shape. Glue or sew buttons along the front stitch. Flip the frill over and glue or sew a pin back at the top and another at the bottom.

Cut-out denim shirt - A pair & a spare for Vogue Australia

You need: - A denim shirt - Scissors - A ruler - A pen - A needle and thread - Sewing pins

  1. Turn your shirt inside out and use a pen to mark a horizontal line where you want the bottom of your cut out to sit.
  2. Using your scissors, start cutting out the fabric, following the seams of the shoulders, button strip and neckline.
  3. Once you have cut both sides out, use some sewing pins to roll the edges of the bottom of the cut out over and secure.
  4. Using a needle and thread, sew the edge down, doing an invisible stitch on the front and longer stitches on the back.
  5. Once complete, iron the edge down.
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