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Book review essay should discuss about hidden message of the book

Most universities and institutions use the literary exercise of writing book review essay to measure the thinking and writing capabilities of the student. Tutors would use this as a tool to evaluate their reading comprehension and analytical thinking ability. Therefore, students are expected to prepare an excellent essay, which is plagiarism free and highlights the innovative thinking process

Students should review a book, starting with arguments about the topics mentioned in the book and finally giving a critical evaluation of the message provided in the book. As this is not an easy task, the students will need to read the book many times, while making the mental and written note of the points that require evaluation and discussion. Since most of the books have interlinked messages spread all over the book contents, hence careful reading of the whole book becomes is necessary.

The following tips will help the students to write a good book review essay. However, it is advised that they also look at other essays or an essay outline.

Critically describe all topics

Student should start describing the book, point-by-point, as revealed by its author. However, the whole description should be in the language and style of the student, which does not match the original writing. This will ensure that there are no allegations of plagiarism. Analysis of the message given by the author in the book is necessary to highlight your own viewpoint about the same.

Learn thoroughly about the author

If the students are reviewing one book among a number of the books written by the same author, it is advisable to have a brief reading of other books written by this author. This gives the student an insight about the mental and ideological tendency of the author. As we all are unique, while being part of this huge population; each one of us has own hidden ideological agenda. The writings of the author reveal a lot about it and the author most often likes to put forward same message in one form or the other, while writing books on different topics.

As writing a book review essay has similar format like the introduction, main body and the conclusion part of the essay, students should practice reading papers like essay format and argumentative essays

Make your review analytical

Students should initially describe the book as written by the author. Needless to mention here, this should be done only after the student has read the book carefully, several times. The next step will be to take the individual topics given in the book and discuss about them, while evaluating every point critically. The reader wants to know from the students, their impartial opinion on the book, which should be based on the facts and information given by the author of the book. However, the student is expected to be a book critique so that the general audience makes an opinion about the book after reading the review by the student.

27 Nov, 2019
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