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FABLE LAND - Set Design

Set Design project in Foundation Diploma
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Fable Land

Fable Land is a the model set for the first project of my Foundation Diploma in art and design after choosing the Theatre Design pathway.

Fable Land is a set suited for inmersive theatre, where the audience explores the setting with the same perspective as the actors do. 

The story behind this project follows the dispute in a small village between the two groups of citizens: the anarquist animals that want to take over the corrupted village and the high class politicians that will do anything they can to keep their power.

All the animals have human behaviours, for they are meant to represent the original fables. Also the animals have been illustrated in a way that ressembles that of Lewis Carrol's illustrated books. 

The anarquist animals are represented with a steampunk aesthetic, whereas the rich politicians have the appearance of English Bourgeoisie in the Victorian era. 

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04 Jan, 2016
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