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How often have you seen free Internet privacy software offered to you that contains a popup stopper?
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Adware - A New Threat To Internet Users

Well I know in the last month I was offered at least two of these potential free internet privacy software products. Which led me to wonder, is it possible?
You see, there is a new phenomenon in the Internet world that is causing quite a storm, it's called, Adware. Adware is sponsored software or to put it another way it is software that is paid for by advertising. Now most of it contains Spyware which means that your surfing and computer habits are monitored and your computer then alters the natural way it would work. So for example, there is one piece of free internet privacy software that not only blocks popups but it now presents you with links to alternate pages on the web based on the page your actually viewing.

You see it scans the page you're on and then highlights words that are manufactured links to paid advertiser sites.

Software Internet Privacy Free Downloads Safe?

Amazingly, even though this free internet privacy software is the subject of heated debate the practice continues in one form or another. For the advertiser this context sensitive web advertising is wonderful, they only pay when you click through to visit their site but for the person that downloaded the free internet privacy software, well they are left clueless to the altered state of their computer. Eventually the poor computer owner figures out that the free internet privacy software they downloaded isn't what they thought it was and they go hunting for a Spyware killer software.

Spyware killer software is software that is supposed to remove Adware off your computer but like anything free this brings it own risks. You see, the makers of free internet privacy software aren't stupid, they will offer you a free Adware removal program but guess what it does?

OK, no prizes for figuring out that a free program for removing free internet privacy software may in fact remove the offending program and put a whole new Spyware, Adware program on your computer. So the next time you see or are offered, free internet privacy software remember most software developers are expecting to get paid for their work... somehow. You just don't want your computer to be messed with in the process.

All of the above is a serious reason to think about using premium VPN services, for example, this:
Using this service, you protect yourself from any unpleasant surprises.
You will pay a little money, but you can be sure that you will really get the functions that the developer promises. Paid VPN services usually do not have "secret doors" or functions designed to spy on the user. But in free programs this is very common.

As we have already seen, you always have to pay. Only in some cases - with money, and in others with time, with private information and, ultimately, with its security. Do you agree with us?

14 Feb, 2020
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