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Pogo games are an online gaming platform that provides more than 100 games for its users which can be played and enjoyed by every age group which uses pogo games. Pogo users have people from all age groups who play online games to relax from day-to-day stress.

Pogo games being an amazing stress buster for adults faces some issue sometimes one of which is pogo games not loading issue which is a common error faces by pogo users. Which occurs due to JavaScript or flash improper configuration?

Reasons behind pogo games not working

  • Make sure that you use the compatible browser with pogo games because using a browser that isn’t compatible can be the reason.
  • Incorrect credentials can also be the reason for pogo games not working.
  • Club pogo membership payment can also create an issue for pogo users.
  • Temporary files also create an issue in not loading pogo games.

Troubleshoot steps to fix pogo games not working

  • Internet explorer can be the best browser for pogo games which supports java and flash.
  • Make sure that you enter the correct screen name or password which can avoid this issue.
  • Renew your club pogo membership from time to time to avoid pogo games not working.
  • Also, the user must use a proper internet connection with a good speed.
  • Delete all the temporary files on your system because these can be the reason for the same.
  • You can also reboot your system to get rid of this issue.


This is how you can fix the pogo games not working issue by simply following the above-given steps. Also, you can get professional assistance from Pogo live customer support. Which will help you in getting you out of such situations.

06 May, 2021
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