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Here are the steps to solve Error 475 in Yahoo!

Yahoo mail is considered to be one of the safe email platforms which is available in the market and that’s why it holds a huge number of clients across the globe. And it is every person's priority to keep their account safe because there can be really important data that can be breached by an intruder or hacker.

And sometimes users face errors like yahoo temporary error 475 which is related to security. What happens in this error is that someone might have tried to access your account without your suspicious permission and yahoo detects it.

After detecting suspicious activities yahoo blocks users from sending emails to others due to security reasons. There can be many more reasons for the same but you can go through the below-given points to know what can be the reasons for the same.

Reasons for yahoo temporary error 475?

  • Sending lots of emails in a short period.
  • Sending duplicate information to receivers in your mail.
  • You might have sent the same mail to many recipients.

Steps to fix yahoo temporary error 475?

As we all know that this error 475 occurs due to security reasons or due to someone who is trying to access your account without your permission. So in such case, you must change your yahoo account password for which you can go through the steps given below.

  • Go to the Yahoo sign-in page and then enter your email address and then click on next.
  • After this click on forget my password.
  • Now select a recovery option from an alternate email or phone number.
  • After selecting click on the text me account key.
  • Now enter the account key in the desired field and then click verify.
  • Once verified, you can go through the on-screen steps to change your password.


This is how you can prevent yahoo temporary error 475 by changing your password so that no one can interrupt your account. But if you still find it difficult then you can take assistance from Yahoo Technical support team

08 May, 2021
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