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Are you Suffering From PTSD? Go for an ESA Dog
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We all have experienced a shocking event in our lives. It may have left us in a state of shock for some time. Some people are able to move on while some people are unable to carry on with their lies. However, people who cannot move forward and they experience the same feeling of incident again and again then they might be facing post traumatic disorder. Although there are treatments available for this disorder, emotional support animals are the best way to cure this disorder. You will have to get an emotional support animal letter if you are not having one.

An esa pet is capable of eliminating symptoms of post traumatic disorder. You can have any kind of esa which suits you but if you adopt a dog then it might help you a lot. Dogs have strong institutive and they can sense when their owner is feeling stressed or overwhelmed. There are some characteristics of dogs that can help in reducing PTSD

Dogs are very good companions and they will not judge their keeper with PTSD like human beings.

They are fun loving and they help in releasing stress level and induce endorphins which hormones of happiness that are activated by the touching the fur of dogs. 

As dogs require maintenance and attention, in this way they keep their owner busy and distracted from the thoughts which makes them stressed.

Dogs are especially beneficial for those people who lock themselves in their house and avoid going out. Esa dog demands for a regular walk, hence forces their owners to go out and meet with new people and interact with them. This interaction normalizes the thinking process of people affected by post-traumatic stress and as a result they stop reliving the incident.   

Now let us see some breeds that can be helpful in treating PTSD:

Standard Poodles:

Poodles are easy to train because they extremely smart and eager to learn new tricks to amuse their owner. These dogs can be trained to provide support during panic attacks or other events that trigger anxiety. This breed is also very friendly and they are perfect for a person to who is suffering from PTSD to overcome this serious problem.


This breed is great for you if you live in a small place. They are friendly and affectionate. They love to cuddle with their owners so, they are perfect companions for PTSD patients.

Miniature Schnauzers

If you are looking for a small size esa dog, then it is recommended that you should adopt schnauzers which are small in size. These dogs are obedient and easy to train. They love to play around and they are extremely suitable for PTSD patients who need their mood to be uplifted immediately.  

But before adopting an esa, you need to make sure that you have an ESA letter that clearly states that you are suffering from PTSD and you are eligible for having an esa dog. This letter will help you move easily outside your house as no one will object onbringing your pet in no pet places.


In this case, you can turn to animals and relax. When you feel sad, you can rub your hands on your pet and you will suddenly feel the change in your mood. Their presence, love, and softness to pets are very calming and mood-boosting. They can comfort you and help you relax. They can divert your attention by their cute little actions. They can take you out of your upsetting thoughts for a while. Animals can relieve stress in a way that no therapist can do. They provide you their love and devotion and they did not ask anything in return.

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04 Jun, 2021
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