Launch Of New Product

Dodo Packaging UK is now putting together new designs in custom-printed bakery boxes.
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Launch Of New & Improved Kraft Paper Bakery Boxes

Dodo Packaging UK, a name that is well-known in the packaging industry in the United Kingdom. Dodo Packaging has just stated that their team will be launching modern and stylish kraft paper bakery boxes this year. People get bored with the stereotype designs every year, but this year Dodo Packaging UK has promised us something different than the typical. The product manager of Dodo Packaging UK, Isabella Daniel, felt like it was the perfect time to introduce a new product packaging.

“We wanted to do something different this year”, said Isabella. “ each year cliche and ordinary designs fill the market. Dodo Packaging UK, as the world knows, strives to bring new packaging products every year, hence the need for this launch was imperative.” 

With a wide range of selection to choose from, these bakery packaging designs will be customised according to the needs of clients and later be shaped into different DIY shapes as well. This feat was not easy to achieve, but Dodo Packaging UK has got its consumers covered for this year’s bakery boxes at Wholesale rates.

About Dodo Packaging UK: Based in the UK, Dodo Packaging has aimed for nothing but excellence in its decade of experience. Since its foundation, Dodo Packaging UK has always been at the forefront of these advances by serving more than one hundred thousand customers in its entirety.

18 Dec, 2020
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Craig Martin
Craig Martin