Lingerie labels to check out

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Do we even need an excuse to indulge in some gorgeous new lingerie? Regardless, Valentine's Day is the perfect reason.

Whether for one's self or as a gift, here are 12 hot lingerie labels worth checking out.

Any excuse to indulge in some gorgeous, sexy lingerie should be celebrated, Valentine’s Day included. Because if lingerie does its job right, it transcends the pure practical, and we all know how the purchasing of new lingerie can end up feeling like a treat for the senses, while acting as the perfect confidence-booster.

What Valentine’s Day does bring along though is the possibility for you to venture outside your regular boundaries, even if it’s for one night only. You can play it sweet, or you can go for the ultra-hot, you can choose lace, or you can make your look all silky, you can opt for your favorite cuts, or you can dare try out the impossibly sensual ones. As long as you feel good, all is permitted.


With beautifully crafted, luxurious pieces of lingerie set to channel both indisputable femininity and timeless elegance, Lucile is the brand to go toif you like your undergarments romantic, sensual and highly sophisticated:


Soft and beautiful, made of carefully curated fine lace, Kisskill‘s lingerie is a statement of the sexiest kind. Gentle yet empowering, it is imagined to perfect the portrait of the modern-day woman who doesn’t settle for anything less than the extraordinary:

For Love & Lemons Skivvies.

Chances are you’ve already been touched by the magic that is For Love & Lemons Skivves‘“Wanderlust” lookbook, which means you’re familiar with the delicate lace bras and dreamy brief silhouettes building the oh-so-perfect lingerie collection:

Agent Provocateur.

It’s the label that doesn’t need an introduction, just like its sumptuously sexy lingerie doesn’t need to convince you of its unpredictable edge. This season’s housewife muse brings along barely-there, tantalizing basques, just perfect for Valentine’s Day: 

Chantal Thomass.

Trust undressing to become an exhilarating experience whenever Chantal Thomass’ decadent pieces of lingerie are involved. For spring 2015, they bear glamorous and sensual lines, graphic and modern cuts, as they are ready to build up the desire:


Fine and precious, acting as second skin, Ludique‘s lingerie is made for the temptress living inside you, its seductive, confident feel being reinforced with plenty of delicate details and gentle trimmings. If cutting-edge is your thing, you won’t be able to resist this:

Andres Sarda.

Andres Sarda‘s lingerie is pure glamour. From the sophisticated choice of fabrics to the chic palette of colours, and from the exquisite embroideries to the alluring cuts, you’ll fall in love with everything his spring 2015′ collection has to offer:

Karolina Laskowska.

Both a fierce femininity and a sense of playful eroticism define Karolina Laskowska’s stunning lingerie creations. By fusing the best of two worlds, every single one of her sexy, kinky lingerie pieces will leave you in awe:

Pleasure State.

Smouldering describes them just fine, but there’s so much more to be said about Pleasure State’s lingerie collections that using one word only wouldn’t feel quite right. Let’s just say they’re the kind to lure you and keep you locked inside the best kind of fantasy:

Mise En Cage.

Every little bit sexy, Mise En Cage’s first in-house lingerie line infuses simplicity with the kind of sophisticated, catchy feel that it’s impossible to resit. Black sheer panels and criss-cross straps are just some of the elements adding to its tantalizing impression:

Myla London.

Envisioned as a a journey through contemporary femininity, the Myla lingerie collection encapsulates soft romance and confident power. Sensual textures and exciting new colourways labels the lingerie as a must-try:

Madame Aime.

Madame Aime loves true luxury, the kind that doesn’t hold back, the kind that is subtle yet elaborate, the kind that is precious but effortless. And Madame Aime’s lingerie is mirrored by all of these essential qualities and so much more:

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25 Dec, 2021