“It’s one of few projects that I could say: that’s me.”

Brazilian illustrator and artist Lucas Levitan’s ‘Photo Invasions’ have

been doing the rounds on Instagram lately: by adding his own

illustration to photographers’ images, he creates an often-humorous

take on the original work. This September these remarkable images will

be taking to the streets of Shoreditch, escaping the digital world for the

first time. 

Lucas Levitan adds cartoons to photographs by utilizing his artistic skill. These funny cartoons look as if they are really interacting with people and surrounding. The way they sit, they look, they act seem very real. One image showing unfamiliarity of man who is sitting on hill and a cartoon try to push him down by using his thumb. But that man doesn’t know it.

Where did the idea come from to start illustrating other people’s Instagram photos?

Lucas Levitan: I work in advertising and I’m an illustrator as well but I never took illustration so seriously. I started this project by illustrating over my own pictures as a way to change the narrative. I shared it on Instagram and people started commenting asking for me to invade their own photography, and I thought ‘oh, that’s a project that I would love to keep doing!’

I call it Photo Invasion as a way to interact with other people’s images. It’s taken me somewhere I really like, creating this unexpected partnership with photographers. By interfering with their images it makes them think about what they’ve created not as a finished project, but something that sparks off other peoples’ understanding. Create a new narrative and a new story line

How have the photographers responded? Did anyone complain about you using their photographs?

Lucas Levitan: I think they’ve been surprised by the way I’ve taken their images and created something else. Some people were telling me that if you’re going to those big photographers on Instagram, people who have a big following, they’ll get a bit mad at you taking over their image and creating something else, but it was the opposite, and that’s encouraged me to keep going.

People who use Instagram understand that their image is public, and are willing to see what the response is from their creation. They understand that what they put into the public domain other people can take over and turn into something else.

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01 Apr, 2016