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Madrid is a great city for live music

The city of Madrid in Spain actually is one of the best destinations in Europe for live musical performances of many types
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The city of Madrid in Spain is perhaps not somewhere you would associate with music, yet it is actually is one of the best destinations in Europe for live musical performances of many types.

Rock in Rio Madrid

You can attend concerts of jazz, opera, classical and flamenco music, as well as finding blues and rock music played in Madrid. If you are staying in Madrid on holiday, you have a great choice of music to enjoy, as well as hotel accommodation you can choose from.

The city has staged important music festivals too. In fact, in 2008, 2010 and 2012, Madrid has played host to the Rock in Rio festival, which originated in Brazil. Many famous stars have played Rock in Rio Madrid, and one of the biggest names was the legendary Bob Dylan, who appeared at this event in 2008.

Bon Jovi were one of the top acts in 2010 at Rock in Rio Madrid.

Jazz in Madrid

Madrid has become a hotspot for jazz with some notable venues, such as Segundo Jazz, which is is actually the longest running jazz joint in the city. Singer-songwriters and cover bands also are welcome on stage at this club.

Clamores Jazz is another of Madrid’s most popular jazz clubs. It opened in 1981 and in its long history has served as the setting for a TV programme called “Jazz Entre Amigos.”

Blues in Madrid

The blues is another popular music form played in Madrid, and one of the best venues to hear this type of live music is La Coquette.

The famous blues guitarist Javier Vargas is originally from Madrid and he founded the Vargas Blues Band. The band has performed in Madrid several times and have recorded their latest album there too.

Opera and Classical music in Madrid

Besides jazz, blues and rock concerts, Madrid offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy opera and classical music in the city. Opera performances take place at the Teatro Real. This historic building was built in the 19th century and stages classical music concerts as well as opera.


Spain is famous for its flamenco music, so not surprisingly you will find plenty of performances of this traditional form of folk music in Madrid, a musical style that also incorporates lively flamenco dancing.

Street Performers in Madrid

Just like in many cities of the world, Madrid has its share of street performers, many of home are musicians. Sadly, buskers in Madrid have had to face new regulations and are no longer allowed to use amplifiers. Performers are also required to pass an audition to be granted a permit. The Potato Omelette Band have commented on the matter in song and earned themselves an Internet hit, and they got their permit too!

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