Marta Adán

Spanish illustrator
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Chaque Lumière crée une Ombre

Chaque Ombre dissimule un secret

Chaque Secret détient une Vérité

Marta Adán is a very talented artist from Castellón de la Plana, Spain. Her works represent female figures and her use of colour is amazing!

I really love her style and you can find her portfolio here

Spanish illustrator Marta Adán captures the sensual beauty of her female subjects through each portrait. Her work focuses on the expression of each woman and it is usually the eyes that help tell us the story. We see the lovely face and intense stare down as the sword is being unsheathed in the image of “Yoko” as well as the no nonsense and delightfully angry evil eye in “Bathory.” Nature flows similar to the motion of the hair throughout these illustrations and add that extra element for a powerful impact. Every topic has its challenges and she took her own direction with her interpretation of how she wanted to portray blindness in “Helicon.” She uses the wolf as the guide for the blind witch who is shown to have the spiritual third eye. This particular piece was created for a book for “Tots Som Santboians” association. They work for insertion and awareness of society of people with disabilities.

Her work flow starts off with traditional media, before moving onto the computer where she uses her Photoshop and Wacom tablet to embellish the finished product. She posts her progress on her instagramand specifically her Behance portfolio page. If you’re interested in purchasing some of these as prints or other products you can check out her Society6 and Redbubble pages. If you are looking to score an original drawn illustration you can certainly purchase what she has on EtsyMarta Adán‘s is work is stunning and below are only a glimpse of what she is has created.

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03 Mar, 2022