Peter Mohrbacher

Angelarium est un monde de créatures divines.
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 Cet illustrateur basé à Chicago a un univers bien à lui. On découvre de nombreuses créatures au design très intéressant, tels que des géants se mêlant totalement à leur environnement. Vous pouvez le suivre via son portfolio, son ArtStation et sa page Facebook.

Angelarium is a world of divine creatures. They are physical personifications of the experiences we all share. Many of them are described in the ancient text 'The Book of Enoch' or borrowed from the tradition of Kabbalah.

I've been working for over 10 years to populate this world. In 2015 it became my full-time pursuit. This campaigns exists to support the building of Angelarium in all its forms by supporting the people who help create it. Every two weeks I'll be releasing at least one new illustration along with tutorials to help you learn how I create these paintings.

Patrons get access to a behind the scenes view of the creation process behind this series and insight into my creative process.

almost 6 years ago

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