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Fernsehturm, Berlin

When all eyes are focused on the hight of the Berlin Fernsehturm, no one pays attention to the beautiful bending light reflections that the setting sun makes on the Park in Hotel in Alexanderplatz. There is only so much one can take fro a direct frontal observation of an object, and most of the times (not to say all the time) a different perspective can shine a much more interesting light on the subject.

Tree of Life, Bahrain

One can imagine how some 300 years ago, the whole of Arabia was a green rain forest, full of life with rivers, plants, animals and nomadic tribes. The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a 400 year old reminder of this luscious past, and just how much fresh water springs out under the desert of this little island in the Persian Gulf.

Fisherman at Praia da Leirosa

At Praia da Leirosa, fishermen sell the catch of the day to locals and passers by as soon as the nets hit the stand. This 2 kilo turbot would be worth 200 £ when sold at fishmonger’s in London. She bought it for 10€. No mater what you do on a sunday morning, you will never be as happy as she is right now.

Frederic Coustols

Frederic Coustols is a Dreamer…And a brave one too…Once he dreamt of a house. A house that he could call his own and where we could share his dreams with the world. Even in ruins, he found Palacio Belmonte to be just the place for his dream to come true…He gave life back to this forsaken little piece of Lisbon Heritage and made it into what some call “the most beautiful hotel in the world”

Portuguese Tiles at Palacio Belmonte

My love for Portuguese Tiles knows no limits. Palacio Belmonte has 58 panels with over 30.000 blue on white hand painted tiles from the 18th century. Frederic Coustols , owner of Palacio Belmonte (the Boutique hotel that I managed between 2011 and 2013) and the man behind the recuperation of this Lisbon Landmark from the a pre-announced ruin, keeps bagging prizes for his master work. This time it is the Conde Nast Traveler´s 2015 “Gold List” issue, which focuses on the world’s elite hotels, where the Belmonte is the only Portuguese Hotel. These Portuguese Tiles are featured in the the Maria Ursula room and in the Amadeu Sousa Cardoso suite.

Percebes – aka Goose Barnacles

You never really tasted the sea until you tried Percebes – aka goose Barnacles.

about 7 years ago

about 7 years ago

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