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How do Professionals Write Their Compare and Contrast Essays - 2021

A compare and contrast essay is a form of essay that studies a topic in detail by highlighting the similarities and differences between two objects, subjects, or ideas. This is a common writing type assigned to students for their academics. Not every student is a good writer which leads them to asking their peers to 'write my essay'.

Unlike other easy types, a compare and contrast essay writing chooses two objects or subjects of the same category to analyze them in detail. This document evaluates all the similarities and differences and among them and forms a result that justifies the main thesis statement. 

Writing this essay is a bit different than other types. Unlike other essays, compare and contrast essay picks subject in pairs. Although, this paper is written using the traditional essay outline which includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.

To help students understand the correct writing process of a compare and contrast essay, a professional writer of the best 'write my essay for me' service has provided some easy steps to follow. 


Decide on a Subject

The first thing to do when writing a compare and contrast essay is to come up with a subject. The subject will be selected in a pair as two things are required to be compared in this writing type. 

Brainstorm Similarities and Differences 

Once you have picked the subjects or objects to study, brainstorm all the similarities and differences. Gather all the comparisons and note them down using two formats; Venn diagram or a list.

Develop a Thesis Statement 

Analyzing the Venn Diagram or the list of the similarities and differences will help form your stance on the topic. Come up with a meaningful statement about the topic to draft your compare and contrast essay on. Keep in mind to choose two different objects from the same category. For example, two mammals can be chosen to discuss the similarities and differences. If you are looking for more topic ideas, visit a 'write essay for me' service.

Choose the Organizational Structure 

A compare and contrast essay is approached using two different techniques; alternating or chain method, and block method. Either of these can be chosen to present information in the essay content. 

If you are choosing alternating method, you will have to discuss one aspect of one object and the same aspect of the second object. While for a block method, all aspects of one object are discussed first and then the aspects of the other. 

Draft an Outline 

After you have gathered supporting material and decided on the organizational structure, create an outline to structure your compare and contrast essay. Use the traditional essay outline where the content is divided into introduction, body, and conclusion sections.

Write Compare and Contrast Introduction 

The first section will be the introduction where the writer will introduce the topic. Present the following information in this part:

  • Hook statement
  • Relevant building information on the topic
  • Thesis Statement.

Write the Body 

Present all the evidence to support the thesis statement in the body section. All the gathered similarities and differences should be presented in the body paragraphs of the essay. 

Conclude the Essay 

the last section is the conclusion where the writer sums up the discussion by restating the thesis statement, summarizing the main points, and providing closing sentences. 

Proofread and Edit 

After concluding your essay, revise it a few times to make sure the the essay content and structure are on point. Get rid of all the mistakes and errors before submitting the essay. You can hire a professional from a paper writing service to proofread your content. 

If students follow these steps, the writing procedure will get simpler.  It is the writer’s choice which technique he uses to draft his essay. You can learn more about these methods at an essay writing service.

31 May, 2021
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