Review 2020: Money Transfers

Which money transfer platforms are the best to send money internationally in 2020
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How to send money online?

As the average offer at most of the mainstream banks isn' too convincing, people turned to the world wide web in pursuit of cheap and fast money transfers. The online remittance market is now very well-developed and there are literally thousands of different platforms and companies, which can help you move money between countries at a costs of a few dollars. However, how to choose the best one?

What is your dream online transfer?

Before making a decision you need to ask yourself what are you really looking for in your online international payment platform? Is speed important to you? Or is the safety of your money and high reliability of company a primary focus? Low fees or good exchange rates? Each of the companies offer different things for different needs.

Research the competition

There are few quite helpful sites and platforms, which can help you compare the prices of remittance companies. Moreover, you can read there both experts' and customers' reviews to help you evaluate the overall quality of paritcular service. Check out Wirly for money transfer comparison tools or visit TrustPilot to read some customer reviews. There are also sites like Finder.

TransferWise Review 2020 | Fees, Safety, Exchange Rate | Wirly

25 May, 2020
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