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An assignment to write a Secret life of bees essay is an opportunity to have new insights on many themes explored in the book.
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An assignment to write a Secret life of bees essay is an opportunity to have new insights on many themes explored in the book. The essay writing process should start with reading the book itself. Many students will read only a set of notes on the book and attempt to write literary essays on literary works like novels poems and plays. Doing so, they miss the opportunity to enjoy a good book and understand the themes in the book, in addition to failing at the task of writing a good essay. A set of notes from the "do your homework" company can be very helpful in writing the essay, but only after reading the book and gaining a good understanding of it.

About the Book “Secret life of bees”

“Secret life of bees” is the first novel written by Sue Monk Kid. She has written other non-fiction books on her spiritual search and feminism before. The story of the book is about Lily a fourteen year old girl who runs away from her father, with her black house keeper, in search of her diseased mother’s past.

“Secret life of bees” became an instant best seller and maintained its position for thirty months in the New York Times best seller list. It has won several awards and nominations. More than six million copies of the books have been sold. It has been produced as a stage play and adapted to an award winning film. High school and college students get English essay topics on “Secret life of bees”, as it is taught in many high schools and colleges.

Different Themes investigated in the Book

It is possible for the students to write Secret life of bees essay in many perspectives. The book investigates many themes and offers interesting possibilities to select many diverse topics. Some of the topics explored in the book are:

  • Motherhood and motherly love, symbolized by black Mary
  • Race relations in Southern states in USA
  • Interdependence in a community: Bee hives
  • Collective power of women : Daughters of Mary
  • Spirituality and universality of love
  • Civil rights

Symbolisms used by the Author

Sue Monk has beautifully used symbols to drive her points deeply but subtly. Students can write their discussion essay on symbolism in the book. Some examples are:

  • Bees: Deborah means bee in Hebrew. Author used the symbol of bee for the humans and a colony of bees to the society. Use of this symbol runs from beginning to the end of the story.
  • Black Mary: Statute of black Mary has been used as a symbol of the motherhood. In many instances, Lily feels like being with her mother when she is with the Black Mary.
  • Photographs: Photographs have been used as symbols of bonds between people who have departed.

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