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Style tips for men in their thirties

Well, if you are in your thirties, you should constantly work towards a look that can help you give a feel of the thirties.
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10 Style tips for men in their thirties

chameleonjohn.comFor the start, silly dresses should not be simply thrown out of your wardrobe, but you have to make sure that you use them rarely.

Apart from this, there are some other things that should be on your mind. We will explore various aspects of the thirties’ look in this post.


1.    Dark blue jeans: Well, dark blue jeans are like the evergreen option for a man of any age. So, you can consider it to be a safe option while moving around with mates who are younger than you. If you can opt for close-fitted dark blue jeans, it should look good on you. However, you should make it a point to opt for a decent t-shirt (if on a vacation or a road trip) and a decent dress shirt (for other purposes).

2.    T-shirts: Well, the best colors that can suit any man who is or looks 30+ are black and white. They are a man’s favorite color too. However, you can even think or other colors that are not too flashy. Here, you have options like polo shirts that can even make you feel good. Apart from this, your colleagues and boss should find you in patterned dress shirts or short-sleeved work shirts to make you look like a professional without trying too hard for it.

3.    Sweatshirts: Well, you might have enjoyed hoodies in your teens, but now is the time to wear and enjoy the feel of sweatshirts. Pick up good quality cardigans ad sweaters from a store like and you will feel good about your selection. This is not all. You can always get a good price at because of the deals available at the store. This means that you will be in a position to buy more that what you wanted. So, an extra pair of sweaters or cardigans is appreciated. Talking about deals, you can get even better deals if you are smart enough to choose matching promo codes. Promo codes are add-ons, and you can get good deals every time you opt for promo codes for your purchases. So, go ahead and look for promo codes before you complete your purchase at

4.    Footwear: In our college days, we have used the same footwear everywhere; college, gym, home, beach parties and almost everywhere else. However, you are considered to be more responsible once you attain the age of 30 and, as we know that people judge a man by his footwear; it is your time to know what type of footwear should be worn at which place. This will help you not only feel responsible, but others will even start respecting your selection. If you are planning to buy it, can be a good place to start from. Promo code for are something you should not forget. You can find Promo code for at

5.    Coats: Here, we will not just talk about different coats for different occasions, but even the types of coats that should be on your mind. For you, a blazer can be a great option. The overcoat is something that should be on your mind if it snows outside. In the case of blazers, you should opt for a navy blazer because it looks elegant. However, make it a point to be sure that it fits you, with and without buttons over your tummy. You don’t want to push yourself in an embarrassing situation where you might simply display your baby fat that might be just enough fat to let others know about it. So, keep a check on this.  In the case of overcoats, you should think of a long overcoat that not only looks good but even is good enough for the purpose you have worn it for. In most of the cases, you will be wearing it to keep yourself safe from snow. This brings us to an extremely important point… point 6.

6.    Don’t overdress: Wear something only if you should wear it and not because you were in the mood to wear it. If that happens, you will be in a fix because most of the comments you will earn will be negative. Don’t do that! Overdressing is good at times, but only if you can remove it anytime and change your look that has previously changed because of an extra layer.

7.    Dress for the occasion: Like in the case of shoes, it is important to make it a point to know the occasion and accordingly opt for a pair of shoes that can help you look good and earn compliments for the dress you have decided to wear for the occasion.

8.    Elegance should overpower the cool look: Well, you are in your thirties, and you should make it a point to dress elegantly and give up the coolness factor that has been playing on your mind for years now. In fact, the urge to look cool started in your pre-teens and had always been on your mind. However, now is the time to change the look for the better. So, start judging clothing or an accessory by the elegance factor and not the cool factor.

9.    Trousers: Although we have made a point above that dark blue jeans would look good on you, you should make a conscious effort to opt for trousers and pants more than jeans. The former gives you the professional look with ease. So, give it the preference, until and unless you are as good as Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs.

10.    Light colors: Yes, black is good, but give preference to light colors in an office environment and your efforts will be rewarded because most of the professionals around you will be wearing light colors. With black, you can opt for black trousers/pants, but keep it an option, not a priority.


Apart from these ten tips, what would you suggest a man who is in his thirties?

08 Sep, 2018
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