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The chief executive of the space company UK, who is known as Jim Goodness, made a special address to a group of shareholders on behalf of the company at a meeting in the City of London. He said that the company has received support from Baidu and that this is one of the reasons for the success. He mentioned that there are two companies within the space company UK, which are named Boral Space and Oceanus. He went on to say that these two companies have already signed agreements with each other, so as to put them into competition with each other.

He went on to say that the next step is to launch the first of the two companies' satellites which will be named Phyllis. It will be followed by another one called Cosmos. Both of these satellites, along with five others will form the first launch vehicles to go to space, which will take off from the Plesk Chassis at the White Sands of Las Vegas. This will be followed by the maiden voyage of the unmanned asteroid clawed probe named Progress.

The chief executive of the space company UK, Mr Jim Goodness went onto say that the design engineer at Boral Space, has designed a totally new system to help the astronauts carry out their space missions in the future. This will enable them to design and build the hardware, which is needed for the crew to carry out its duties. He went on to say that the astronauts are using this system for experiments which were carried out in zero gravity conditions.

The next step for the space company UK, which is named Astrium, is to design and build the modularity approach vehicle. This is the first modular spacecraft ever to be launched into space. Astrium has therefore developed two different modularity approaches. They are being innovative and creative. They also want to do a lot of testing before actually putting the vehicles into space.

Then there is the team at Rocketry, who have an entirely different vision for the future, one that will see us sending cargo to the moon and then to Mars and beyond. Their goal is not to expand... they are to expand our horizons. In 20 concurrently occurring years they want to see not only humans on the moon but also on Mars.

Now the company that is leading the way in UK space technologies is called Surrey Satellite Technology Limited. They have a team leader in charge of their modular design engineering. This is responsible for developing cutting edge technology and building the satellites that will eventually protect the mankind from space debris. Their prime mission is to build extremely small satellites, which have a robotic arm attached to them which enables the technicians to send up signals from remote locations, which are in space.

One exciting concept that the Surrey satellite technologists at Boral Space are currently testing is what they call a "gravity tractor". This concept takes advantage of the fact that the moon and space are full of free falling debris. A tractor like structure will use this to its advantage by placing smaller satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO). It's mission is to place four such structures into a single system and let them go into space and spin around. This should mean a great improvement in the accuracy of positioning of low Earth orbit airplanes.

Boral Space is led by Paul Cox with a dedicated project management team of six, which includes a design engineer, project manager, project scientist and software engineer. They have completed over 40 successful projects and trials so far, all led by Paul Cox himself. The company is now looking for funding to move their work further along to test their concept in the next few years. If you would like to see what they are capable of doing then why not have a look at their website where they display all of their designs, including their gravity tractor.

20 Jul, 2021
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