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Vegetarian & vegan restaurants in Annecy

A useful guide for vegetarian & vegan restaurants in Annecy
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Annecy is a very popular holiday destination, situated in the French Alps in the Haute-Savoie region. With its own lake and canals that have earned it the nickname of “Venice of the Alps,” it is a perfect location for relaxing in France, and if you are vegetarian or vegan, you will find restaurants that cater for your needs.

Learn French in Annecy

Annecy has a good range of hotel accommodation, and is not only a great place in France for taking a holiday and enjoying wining and dining at its many restaurants, but it is also a really excellent place to learn French. You can practise your skills with the language by speaking to the locals.  Where could be better to learn French than in the country of its origin?  “Sans carne.” means without meat, and “sans poisson,” translates as without fish, so these are both good phrases to use if you are a vegetarian or vegan and eating out in Annecy.

La Cabane Armony

La Cabane Armony is one of the best places for vegetarian food in Annecy. It uses organic produce as much as possible, and also serves as a delicatessen, juice and wine bar. La Cabane Armony comes highly recommended for anyone who wants to eat veggie food in Annecy.

Granny Smith

Named after a famous variety of apple, the Granny Smith is a raw food bar, and offers salads, raw desserts, ice-creams made with fruit, as well as a range of juices and smoothies that are freshly made.

The Feuille de Lotus

The Feuille de Lotus restaurant is another place in Annecy where you can eat vegetarian food cooked in the Asian style but here it is Thai cuisine, including wok-fried vegetables, served with a bowl of steaming rice.

La Cuisine de Wadad

La Cuisine de Wadad is a popular Lebanese restaurant in Annecy that offers vegetarian options as well as meat dishes. The owner is happy to cater for your needs and this restaurant welcomes vegans as well as vegetarians.

Le Shiva

Le Shiva is an Indian restaurant and one of the best places for vegan and vegetarian meals in Annecy, that is if you enjoy curries and Asian cookery.  Shiva is one of the main gods in the Hindu religion and many Hindus eat vegetarian food. What could be better than a well-prepared and well-spiced vegetable curry and rice?

L'en-Cas Bio

No guide to vegetarian restaurants in Annecy would be complete without a mention for the L’en-Cas Bio.  

This eatery in the centre of Annecy and near the old town, offers salads, sandwiches and other vegetarian meals and snacks, as well as fresh juices. It uses organic ingredients whenever possible and has food and drink suitable for vegans.

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11 Oct, 2018
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