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Gambling platforms do not complain about the lack of visitors, but continue to develop strategies that attract new players
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One of the successful marketing moves are bonus offers. These can be free spins or a certain amount on deposit. Such surprises motivate newcomers to register and make more bets, which is profitable for any online casino. But profitable loyalty programs are not always profitable for users.

Welcome bonuses

On the portal yukon gold canada you can quickly register and literally a couple of minutes to become an official member of the gambling club yukon gold casino. All you have to do is give your email address (phone number) and come up with a password. An additional bonus may be a gift for completing the registration procedure. But it can only be received by a player who has made a deposit of one hundred dollars or more. In this case, he will receive an amount equal to 100% of the deposit. The limit of the bonus is 5 thousand dollars. As an addition, freespins are offered, which can be used to activate the slots for free.

There is also an offer for VIP clients. To do this, you need to list on the gaming account at least two thousand. As a gift you can get the same amount. To count on a solid bonus, you need to deposit a large amount. But here, too, there are restrictions: the bonus payment https://yukon-gold-casino.bet/ in the welcome deposit can not exceed 15 thousand. This money can only be used for betting in the casino. Withdraw to a personal account and spend it on your own will not work.

Beneficial offers attract many first-time players, the more so that no additional documents are required for bonuses. You don't have to perform tasks or sign up for mailing lists, bring your friends, or write reviews. At first glance, everything is done for the customer. So why do experienced gamblers often turn down welcome bonuses?

The dangers of the wager

The word "wager" comes from the English concept of "wager", which means "bet". Wager is an integral part of any bonus offer. In fair casinos with a good reputation, the wager conditions are always spelled out next to the lucrative loyalty program offers. If this rule is not respected, the player can get more information about the conditions in the appropriate section. But in some cases, newcomers do not attach great importance to the need to carefully study all the nuances of the game and rashly agree to accept the bonus.

The wager is always expressed in the coefficient and is written as x40, x20, x10. The values of the wager in each bonus package are different and depend on the casino's policy. It is the small amount of the wager that can attract customers who plan to spend a solid amount in the gaming room or regularly make large bets.

The coefficient shows how many times the amount of bets required to wagering the bonus is multiplied. If a player has agreed to a bonus of $100, and the vager was x40, then it is necessary to bet an amount of 40 times the amount of bonus payment (100 * 40 = 4000). That is, after receiving a hundred-dollar bonus, you need to bet $4,000. Only after this wagering will be considered accomplished.

How to win back the wager

In order to play the specified conditions in the wagger, you must regularly make bets. In this case, it is important to choose the machines that are in the list of slots available for wagering. Learn the list of necessary emulators can be in the profile section of the gambling service. Most often, bets on roulette and card games are not counted in the wagering. For more information, you can ask the staff of technical support.

If a member ignores the conditions of wagering or can not deposit the required amount for bets, all his applications for withdrawal will be rejected. So the administration of the casino motivates the player to fulfill his obligations in full.

For whom the bonus offers are really beneficial

Before accepting any gift from the casino or confirming consent to the accrual and use of bonuses, it is necessary to carefully study the terms and conditions. If they are not freely available, the prize should be refused. If the bonuses were accrued automatically, they can also be refused. In this case, you can not perform financial transactions and use any bonus funds to confirm the refusal.

Beneficial offers from the casino are active players who make solid bets. If there is an opportunity to spend a large amount on the game, it will not be difficult to win back. In this case, the chances of winning and even hitting the jackpot increase, because you can use bonus funds and additional freespins.

The consequences of restrictive measures imposed against the background of the coronavirus pandemic have affected many areas of business. The gambling industry is no exception. At the end of the past 2021 in the niche of gambling revenue declined by about 25%. Such data was provided by the Gambling Association.

Against this background, two opposing vectors of development were recorded:

  • On the one hand, restrictions on visiting public places led to the closure of many land-based gambling establishments;
  • On the other hand, the increased audience of gamblers in the online environment has led to an increase in the number of sites with slot machines.

Accordingly, the widespread decline in the profits of land-based establishments has led to an overall decline in the total profitability of the entire gambling industry. Regarding the figures for 2019, the reduction was about 33%. At the same time, almost all specialized online resources and sites with slot machines, such as yukon gold canada, reported an increase in revenues. Their profits increased by about 7% in 2021.

Stability of demand for gambling entertainment

The stability of gambling addiction indicates the corresponding needs of people interested in this topic. This is primarily a craving for risky forms of behavior that are mainly in demand among the male population. This need can be realized in the framework of modern social practices more and more rarely, so people are forced to turn to game simulators. This is particularly paradoxical in the context of increasing quarantine security measures aimed at preserving public health. After all, such restrictions further reduce the degree of unpredictability that the modern world already lacks.

12 Jul, 2021
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